Monday, September 19, 2011

Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest bears in the world, They live in Arctic Ocean at north pole where there is ice is.polar bears are animals too but they live in the north pole.

Polar bears has a really thick hair, to keep there head nice and warm. Polar bears have little bums at there paws.They have strong legs to walk and there teeth are really sharp to eat food with.

A baby polar bear is call a Cub, they live with the mother for two and a half years. There mother teaches them how the hunt for food and they prote

Polar beat hunt seals,they see seals breathing holes, When the seals come they grab them with there sharp paw and claws and flip them in the ice to eat them and kill them too.

Polar bear in the wild they live for 20 years but a polar bear in the zoo lives 41 years.

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