Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trip to the Maritime Museum - July 2010

Sailing in to the wind I heaved and struggled to pull the rope with all my might. With the wind, the sails billowed out, pushing us along. Icy wind was biting my face as we were going to the harbour bridge.

Mt East Destroys the Village July 9 2010

by Jesiah, Onosai, and Silas

I enjoy doing our volcano movie because we had help from Miss King doing our volcano movie.
We could have done better by making the volcano look more realistic. One part that we really liked was making our volcano erupt. I learned about helping my group and making movies.
What I will change for next time is to help my group creating our proups and acting more in our voice over.

Justin Bieber - June 29 2010

Justin Bieber was born in 1994. He became a singer when he was 3 years old. Bieber went to the competition he come second in the competition. His mum uploaded his singing on to Youtube. Justin is popular because of his singing of R&B songs. Where ever he goes, Justin is known as the greatest singer in the world.

Michael Jackson Tribute - June 25 2010

We made this movie on Friday the 25th of June 2010 because we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. We planned our moves for his song Black Or White and we practiced it to get it right for his anniversary.
by James,Onosai, and Samuela

Story Sculptures Volcano Report - June 16 2010

A volcano is an opening in the earth's crust, through which lava, ash and gases flow. The word volcano comes from the Roman god of fire - Vulcan.
A volcano erupts when the pressure inside the earth builds up and needs to escape. Molten rock, in the mantle, heats up. The magma chamber fills up, then the magma pushes up the vent and out of the crater.
There are three main types of the volcano. One is a cinder cone another a shield or a composite. The most dangerous one is composite volcano because it erupts violently with lava and ash. A volcano can be active,dormant (sleeping) or extinct.
A volcanic eruption can be both destructive and beneficial. Falling ash is dangerous to aeroplanes, can cover buildings and make it hard to breathe. Lava flows and lahars destroy everthing in their paths. However, sometimes eruptions can creature new fertile land.
Ash,lava and gas from deep inside the earth can be very destructive and dangerous during a volcano eruption. However if we are careful we can enjoy the benfits of new land and fertile soil.
by Eleva, Iva, Kane, Max, Onosai

Rainy Day - June 3 2010

On Tuesday we stayed in class as the rain poured down. We looked out the window and saw a big puddle near our classroom. Kane, Jesiah and I were playing Jenga. In the middle of lunchtime the rain finally stopped. We all ran outside to play.

My great volcano story - May 5 2010

Onosai has been learning about complex and simple sentences. In this paragraph he combines them beautifully to tell us about an erupting volcano.

Volcanic Pressure - April 22 2010

On Monday afternoon Miss King handed out balloons and asked us if we can show pressure by blowing up a balloon. So we huffed and puffed and it got bigger and bigger and my one popped. When the volcano shakes that means pressure is building and it is going to explode. And lava, gas, smoke and ashes come out of the volcano and ash clouds block the sky.

Click here to watch the movie we made about our learning.

Bin It - March 31 2010

We made this movie so that we can learn about the 3 Ps (Protection, Partnership and Participation) that the Treaty of Waitangi supports.Also we want our school to be a clean and better place.
by James, Jesiah, Lorenzo, Max, Onosai

Camp Kindness- March 24 2010

On the last day of camp we went to Swimarama. When I got to the hydroslide I closed my eyes and waited for the end. Splash! I opened my eyes and I saw people lining up. Then I went to the pool it was really cold. I got out of the water and went to the warm fountains.=

Camp Thoughts - March 16 2010

Picnic Kareoke Fun - March 3 2010

Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai really enjoyed breaking out of character and getting up in front of the whole school and loads of parents to perform some karaoke at our recent school picnic. Way to go Heremaia, Turuhira and Onosai. You guys ROCKED!

Is it Kind? February 12 2010

Our amazing music teacher- Mr J, wrote this song all about our school value - "Is it Kind?'
Here the boys put their own spin on it and have invented some cool dance moves to go along with the chorus.
by James, Kingston P, Onosai, Samuela

What is Cool about Pt England? February 10 2010

Onosai answers three questions in his movie.
What makes a good Pt Englander?
What makes learning fun at Pt England?
What helps me learn at Pt England?

Welcome to Room 14! February 2010

Welcome to Room 14 Onosai.
Click here to see your work from year 3!