Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Net Books

(In the olden days)Last year, My school night mare was having books to work in for ages nobody saw me learning.But Luckily the teacher said that we were going to have net books for 2011.I was so exited hearing about that

This year my writing is better because of the Net books. It has improved and makes more sense. Lots of people read it so I have to make it good. Now the people around the world knows my writing now.That’s why I need to fix up my mistake

love working on my net book because you can go on your own blog and what people been comment on my blog.It is really fun working on net books.

Im going to a new school next year,Im not looking forward to have a paper and pencil.

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  1. Net books are quicker!...but it takes a heck of a lot to find ACTUAL info

    -Student from SJS,P.N


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