Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Captain Cook the Pirate

Since he was a small boy, Captain Cook had wanted to be a pirate. While watching his dad stealing treasure, he knew it was also the life for him.
Captain Cook wanted to circumnavigate the world, he would need to get everything organised. For such a long journey he would need, water, food and two huge ships.
They set sail on the vast blue ocean. The wind pushed through the sails and the ship moved quickly over the sea. With a sudden jolt, they landed on a sandy island.
When they landed, his crew jumped off the ship they went hunting for the big X. One of the crew, who was meant to be looking after the ship, fell asleep and the boat drifted off.
While the crewman was sleeping, captain Max Antonyo came aboard the ship and took the sleeping crewman hostage. He bundled him into his boat and took him to a cave were the snakes are. Cook’s boat continued to drift alone on the ocean.
Mr Cook was coming out of the forest and saw that one of his crew was gone and the ship was gone too. He was so angry that he had lost his things and his crew was responsible!
One of the snakes was coming towards Mr Cook’s crew. He woke up and saw lots of snakes around him. One snake bit his leg. His leg began to bleed as he was trying to walk away. But he stumbled and fell.
Captain Max Antonyo opened the gate to the snake cage and walked in. He saw Captain Cook coming towards him. The rest of his crew was standing on the big treasure. Captain Cook got the spade and started digging. He found the treasure, he was so happy that he find treasure.
Defeated, Max let Cook and his crew go.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sentence Builder

Today Miss King gave us instructions to pick three small cards, an adjective, a verb and an adverb to write our own three made up sentences. Each time we had to use the same set of words and keep the same essential meaning.

The beautiful sun laughed wonderfully.

When he was shinning down, the beautiful sun laughed wonderfully.

Wonderfully the sun laughed, while he shone down all beautiful and gorgeous.