Friday, May 27, 2011

Redesigning My Mouse

Our task was to redesign our computer mouse. We had to do it on our scrap book. We had to put anything on it, but we had to use our imagination. My design was to click the button and it plays music. I added music to my mouse because music is one of my favourite things.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marble Track challenge Part 2

First we will roll three tubes then we cut one news paper it in the middle.Then stick it in the hole.

What We Did:
Our marble track didn't work because we had to stick papers in to holes.The marble didn't go through so then we had to stop.
Our group cut news paper and made some holes. It was nearly time to finish but we went very good. We were so sad and angry because we hadn't finished. We used 10 news papers and two Pieces of cello tape.We stuck pieces of news paper in the hole.

Bulding a Fale

I have been reading a journal story about how a fale is made.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Technology Challenge

This morning Miss Ouano told us that we are having a challenge, I felt really nervous because I might get it wrong.
We had to use 6 pieces of news paper and 1 meter of cello tape to make a tunnel. we had to make a tunnel, and it had to turn once.

We rolled two pieces paper into a tube and cut one hole into the paper, and stick it into another tube. My group went for my idea. my idea was to cut a hole in the middle of a paper tube.

I felt sad that my group didn't finish doing the tunnel, but we went pretty good. We were nearly going to finish our tunnel.

Next time we will do the challenge,we will plan the marble slide and then build it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vote for the best Introduction

I have written two introduction paragraphs. Vote for the one you thinks hooks the audience in the most.

It was finally time to go to the movie.It was exciting I fault very happy we went with my uncle and my sister.When my uncle said that we are watching HOP I fault very Bord.

I saw HOP on commercial and it look boring but when I first saw it it was funny every one was laughing at the movie even my uncle and my sister.It was fun watching HOP.