Monday, September 12, 2011

All blacks vs Tonga

On Friday it was a big celebration for the starting of the rugby world cup.It started as they were doing the ceremony and talking about New Zealand and then a small boy who was 13 years of age and was trying to get the ball

Finally the rugby world cup started with the Tonga and the All Blacks. The enormous crowd went wild as the players came onto the field. The people thought that the game was a really cool and a exciting game but then they were really tired at the same time. At last all blacks to the Tonga 41-10.

At the game there were are really massive crowed when the Tonga got are try.There were people singing and dancing too.but I thought that the Tonga will beat the all blacks. It toked a very long time to do the srcam but then the Tonga got there first try and the penalties .

Although the city struggled with the huge crowed every one agreed that the opening ceremony was a huge success

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