Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know that you can eat a comet? When I saw the cones and the Ice cream I felt that my stomach was growling so much that I wanted a ice cream.When Miss Garden said that we were making comets I was thinking what are comets.

When I saw room16 sitting on the mat I was wondering what are we go to make.But then I saw Ice cream,cones,and sprinkles I was really excited that I didn’t know what we were doing. When it was my tern to get an ice cream i was first in line.

When I got my ice cream I run to Mr Sommerville to get my sprinkles.My hands were cold I nearly groped it.What a mess that Mr Sommerville did to our picnic table? It was ta disaster when I saw the picnic table it had a hole lot of mess.

When my ice cream was really melting I felt sad.But Lucky I run and got me a cone to put my ice cream in it.Finally I get to have my ice cream with my sprinkles over the top. When I talk a bite off my ice cream I wanted some more ice cream.But then I had my second ice cream of all.

I fell like I want a nether Ice cream?Comets were really fun to make.

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