Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I like badminton because of the thing they learn us and how they tell us to do like holding the grip there is so match thing to learn.I was tired when the game was finch and I Didn’t feal like another game but it was the best game ever that I played .

Every people were all tired and some were not but we stored played and was the most tier ring game me and partner were tired and we looked drink and walking to the fountain saying I am fersfter we went back in the hall and saw people playing my partner and I were going to play badminton with them it was so cool.

Badminton was a really fun game to play and you should come for your self and you will be tired and will be hard for you to haut the ball and you might get butterfly’s in your stomach too.
It going to be fun and tricky for the first time in you life.

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